Free yourself

from anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma.

Increase your capacity

of Joy, pleasure, pleasure, excitement, love, and intimacy.

Keep Your Body in Mind

with Body Centered Psychotherapy
Pamela Morgan, MSW, LCSW

Not A Canned Approach

Feeling stuck or blocked?
Feeling overwhelmed, numb,
choked or paralyzed?
Can’t make decisions?
Afraid to move forward?

Don't Flip Your Lid

Have difficult people
or situations
got you down
and thinking there
is no way out?

Can Do Attitude

Life seems ok but
something is missing?
With a can do attitude
personal growth solutions
are available.

Dating Coach • Couples Therapy

with Relationship Coach
Pamela Morgan, MSW, LCSW

Shopping for Love?

Do you wonder
if you are doomed
to be alone for the
rest of your life?
Can’t find Mr. /Ms. Right?

In a Relationship?

Wondering how to
get along better?
Frustrated that
your needs are
not being met?

Breaking up is hard to do!

Broken Heart?
Have you given up
trying to make things work?
Know you should go,
but can’t quit?