“Hi, How are you?”  This is the frequent greeting we all use neither giving a real answer nor waiting for one.  How do you feel at this moment, really? How often do you honestly answer it to yourself or others?

like it or not, we have emotions and live by our feelings whether we are aware of them or not.  Can you remember how you felt as a child?  Recall the excitement, the curiosity and present moment reality of your life.   Wasn’t your experience more vivid and less dulled than it is today? You were open to love. You had a rich enjoyment of pleasure and intense excitement. You could trust and feel secure. Back then, it was easy to cry, to laugh or even to have an angry tantrum.  You were connected to yourself.  Your feelings were immediate and evaluated the environment without having to think about it. You felt naturally positive and hopeful. What happened?

Who we are, how we live, feel and even think is an embodied experience.  Our emotional state is recorded in the body for anyone to see who can read the information and for anyone to know with a willingness to look and experience it.  Most people think their emotions in their head, an intellectual statement that actually describes an interpretation of an emotion. How you feel is commonly answered with an explanation of what the situation is about the emotion and not a simple one word statement of feeling.  But emotions are experienced in the body with sensations and have energy. And in intimate relationships emotions are key to either achieving a healthy, rewarding and satisfying experience with your partner. Or the mismanagement of emotions can also lead to the painful dysfunction and ultimately destruction of relationship.

The aim of this blog is to discuss and educate how to understand and manage feelings of all kinds, to explore the possibility of reawakening those childhood feelings that are so natural and the role that is played in relationship to self and others.