How Do You Spell Stress? FFFFFFFFF!

Having a stress response to challenging circumstances serves an important function for survival.  When a threat is perceived from the environment it is advantageous to go into high alert and arousal to give a narrow highly focused attention on...


10 Reactions to Grief and Loss

The experience of grief and loss is a very individualized experience. There are common reactions that may occur. By no means do these reactions follow a particular order or sequence over an optimal period of time. Some reactions may not be...


The ABC’s of a Healthy Relationship

These are only some of the necessary ingredients to the health of an intimate relationship. If there is a lack of these,  the relationship can flounder and eventually break apart. It is very difficult once there are habits of  an unhealthy...


2 Ways to Bring Back that Loving Feeling

Do you recall how it was when you first met each other? Those were the “days of wine and roses”. Everything was loving, exciting to be together, fun. Whatever irritations came up were easily excused and he/she was given the benefit of the doubt....


Renewed Relationship with My Dad

Pamela’s Testimonial to Dr. Joe Dispenza Pamela was surprised when her 91-year-old father started asking questions about what she was learning at the Dr. Joe events. He began reading Dr. Joe's books, and even began meditating daily. They were...


How to Conquer the Fear Pandemic of Corona

As President Roosevelt once said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”  The true virus pandemic right now is FEAR.  Many people are terrified right now, not about the corona virus, but how they are going to survive financially.  Everyone...


How are you?

“Hi, How are you?”  This is the frequent greeting we all use neither giving a real answer nor waiting for one.  How do you feel at this moment, really? How often do you honestly answer it to yourself or others? like it or not, we have emotions...

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