Breaking Up?

Broken Heart?  Bitter?  Grieving? 

Have you given up trying to make things work?

Know you should go, but can’t quit?

Fighting to the bitter end?

Fear about starting over and getting back into dating?

Believe there is no else out there?

Couple Therapy / Relationship Coach

There are times that a relationship needs to end for a variety of reasons.  One person may want to continue the relationship and the partner decides to leave.  Sometimes there is just too much hurt, anger and disappointment to be healed. Or one partner stubbornly refuses to participate in addressing and resolving the ongoing issues. Breaking up can be a difficult experience and can be quite traumatic and stressful especially when children are involved.  The relationship coach can help dealing with the breakup. Peaceful separation is also possible for some relationships. Couple therapy can help navigate the challenging terrain.

Breaking up is hard to do!

Separation may be difficult especially in long term relationships of ten or more years. Going out on your own and rebuilding a life can be quite challenging. Much of identity and self understanding is bond up in relationships. So ending a relationship can cause questions of who you are, how to spend time and changes in the social circle.  Getting back to an independent and different identity outside of the relationship is critical in adjusting to a breakup. Couple therapy/coaching can help support and guide you through this transition time. Taking the opportunity to look at the relationship and learn about your self as a partner in that relationship can be extremely productive in the healing process as well as beneficial for future relationships.

Licensed Professional Counselor

As a licensed professional counselor, the dating/relationship coach has extensive training, skills and over 30 years of experience to offer help in all aspects of relationships from beginning to enhancing a relationship to ending and starting over again. Finding and creating authentic intimacy is a skill that comes from a willingness to learn and evolve. It is not about finding the right person, but being the right person.

Alternative Approach to Couples Therapy

Body Education for Personal Growth and Life Enhancement by a licensed professional counselor offers a dynamic personal journey of self and mutual discovery. Release the limitations and blocks to your success and create your BEST relationship ever. This comprehensive holistic alternative approach works directly with the Body, Emotions/energy, Spirit, Thoughts, the BEST way to achieve real change. The body, which includes the mind and thoughts, is the focal point of learning through an experiential process. Your first experience will leave you amazed at what you discover from your own body, your partner and your relationship.  Some of the areas that are addressed include learning about: attunement or how to be in “sync” with each other, empathy, compassion, power struggles, intimate communication, conflict resolution skills, contact and connection, energetic dynamics of relationship, nonverbal body language. The relationship becomes juicy, alive, and vibrant with the capacity to offer gifts of passion, abiding love, deep connection and personal transformation.

If you need help ending a relationship, call the Relationship Therapist/Coach Pamela Morgan to guide you through. 954.525.8088

Let’s Find Solutions Together


 If you need help ending a relationship, call the couple therapist/coach Pamela Morgan to guide you through. 954.525.8088 or send me a note and
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