Grief • Trama • Loss

Don’t Flip Your Lid

Stages of Grief

When life happens and things don’t go the way we hope or planned there is stress, trauma and sometimes grief. There are the major life changing traumas that thrust us into the stages of grief; death of a loved one, accidents, war, life threatening illness. But everyday trauma and changes can also have an effect over time. The stages of grief are: shock, denial, bargaining, anger, sadness or deep heart pain and finally acceptance. There is no order to the stages of grief. Many times several of the stages of grief can be experienced simultaneously or change from moment to moment circling back to an earlier stage.

Relationship Problems and Trauma

An undercurrent of anxiety and fear runs through ordinary life. The possibility of traumatic events is ever present due to our world being unstable and unpredictable.  None of us is immune. Things break. Money is made and lost. Pets die. People hurt our feelings. Friends and family get sick.  Relationship problems happen and relationships end. Relationship problems show up in the relationship with one self. We struggle with our own internal conflicts.  Working through the relationship problems within becomes the way to resolve relationship problems with others. Our history can also carry the scars of unresolved traumas and relationship problems that may add to current stresses. The body records these events whether we are aware of it or not. When the body holds these stresses and traumas through muscular tensions, reduced breathing, and dissociation, physical symptoms can develop as well as anxiety, depression, overeating and a variety of addictions.

The Approach

“The willingness to face traumas-be they, large, small, primitive or fresh is the key to healing from them.” Mark Epstein, MD. The way out of this dilemma is the way through the experience of the trauma, stress, grief.  The BEST approach releases those muscular tensions and the feelings that are locked in the body due to the effort to protect ourselves from the traumas, stresses and grief.  As a result there will be better connection with yourself, others and the environment and improved skills in  managing daily stress and trauma. A normal healthy integration of mind, body, emotions can be restored as well as a greater sense of passion for life.

Have difficult people or situations got you down and thinking there is no way out?


Has life happened (stress, work, accidents, illness, loss/grief, finances, divorce, separation, family or relationship problems, trauma)?


Out of touch with your passion for work, relationships or life? In a state of “recession” (contracted, uptight, guarded, inhibited, avoiding risk)?


Free yourself from anxiety, depression, stress, grief and trauma.

Reawaken and express appropriately the full range of emotions.

Increase your capacity for joy, pleasure, excitement, love and intimacy.

Expand into your full potential of personal fulfillment and passion.

Learn to decode and read nonverbal body language and expressions.

Discover and release the limitations to your relationships and success.

Acquire skills to improve the quality of personal relationships.

Discover your authentic self with improved self esteems, and deeper connection to self and others.


If you suffer from grief, trama, or loss call the life coach Pamela Morgan to guide you through. 954.525.8088

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If you suffer from anxiety, stress, or grief — call life coach Pamela Morgan to guide you through. 954.525.8088 or send her a note and she’ll call you.