I had seen more traditional therapists before meeting Pamela. I always left my sessions feeling picked on a bit, with no lasting changes in my behavior.  I always believed that the body and mind are really one thing.  Most sessions I left with a break through of some sort with the use of her mind/body techniques.  The most impressive thing was how we ended.  After two years, Pamela released me! We left it that if I ever got stuck in my life, come in for a few sessions to blow it out.

About a year later, I had a client that had been abusing me for years and I melted down.  In one session I was able to identify the root problem.  We did experiential work during which I had an amazing break through. I got clear as to why I was being so triggered.
With Pamela’s help I ended that work relationship for my own sanity.”

~ Mark, Professional Photographer, Orlando

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