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720 NE 3rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33304

Pamela Morgan wanted to create a space that was energetically conducive to personal growth and relief from (key words here). This is a place that when someone entered they would immediately feel a sense of calm and ease, a safe place to do personal work. The building was designed and built according to Feng Shui principles. This a practice of manipulating the environment to effect the flow of chi energy or the vibrational energy around us that can influence how we feel.

A client suggested the name “Magnolia” that was also the name of a powerful movie about personal transformation.  Magnolia, the “heart” flower represents purity, candor and openness is a good choice for the building that is the center for personal growth and transformation.

The building is very unique. All rooms enter from an octagon shaped courtyard and garden with two fountains that represents the feng shui ba-gua. Each section of the octagon defines a different area of life: career/self; helpful people/travel/compassion; children/descendants/creativity; marriage/relationships; fame/rank/future; wealth/self empowerment; family/health/community; and, knowledge/self cultivation/wisdom. Each office represents a different are of the ba-gua.

The large front office is approximately 240 square feet in the knowledge/self cultivation/wisdom area of the ba-gua.  The room is big enough for small groups (6-8 people) and has a closet for storage. Monthly rent is $700 plus sales tax and includes all utilities plus cleaning.

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