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Dating Coach

Looking how to date “better”, play the “dating games” and enhance your flirting skills?  Do you believe that dating is a “numbers game”; the more the better, like the lottery until you hit the “jack pot”? Then this is not the site for you!

Seeking a life partner on the basis of a lengthy list of specific criteria or certain physical characteristics is more about finding a person to fit your idealized image of a perfect mate. The basis for choice is more about you and your underlying motives then who that person may be and how well they relate to you. This likely has more to do with ego, creating a certain lifestyle, boosting self image, or other ulterior motives. No doubt relationships originate from this platform and can be quite functional. However, intimate partnerships and compatible companions develop from being authentic, chemistry and desire for a deeper union. The dating coach can help sort through goals and teach how to create that depth of attachment.

The best connections happen naturally with authenticity in the context of daily life. Many who want a truly loving relationship often do not know how to find one or how to do it. The dating coach can help you to find and create a mutually loving intimate partnership.  True intimacy is a skill that few of us actually have. We learn from our families how to be in relationship. Some are lucky to be schooled in an ideal loving family. But most of us learn from dysfunctional relationship patterns or families impacted by crises and stressful circumstances.

Imago Therapy/Coaching

According to the Imago therapy approach, chemistry has something to do with an unconscious attraction to someone who fits those old relationship patterns often from childhood. This explains why all too often dating and relationships end up in the same place over and over again. The dating coach can help you to discover those unconscious patterns that seem to be controlling your dating experiences and interfering with achieving a successful relationship.

Dating Coach

The dating coach offers a step by step holistic mind/body process that includes: learning the warning signs and red flags to be aware of when meeting someone in consideration of further involvement; effective body language; “conscious dating”; preparation to enter a relationship or “dating for mating”, determining vision, goals, discerning true desires and wants from the dating experience; how to distinguish between love and lust; characteristics of strong healthy relationships and, improving the choice of a partner.

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