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Pain and Stress Reduction

It can be difficult to admit our anxiety and emotional distress and effectively accomplish the pain and stress reduction we need.  Emotions are controlled or cut off by muscular tensions.  The tendency is to hold our breath, shut down, close ourselves off, tighten up and do everything possible to avoid facing the pain and stress of difficult situations.  Unfortunately the unwanted painful emotions are not only the emotions that are cut off and blocked.  There is a reduction in the ability to feel joy, pleasure and passion for life. We become dull, deadened and less fulfilled. In order for there to be significant pain and stress reduction the BEST way to is to learn to develop mindful body awareness, open up the breathing, release the holding patterns and tensions and re-awaken your feelings to become more fully alive!

Research supports the BEST techniques of mindful body awareness and opening the breathing. According to Fogel (2009) body awareness and breath training activates the parasympathetic nervous system leading to relaxation, pain and stress reduction and stress tolerance, and positively impacts anxiety, depression, trauma and even addictions, as well as aids in the capacity to engage in daily life more fully.  Also according to Fogel (2009) emotional language and expression is essential to health and well-being. The suppression of emotions and even the lack of using emotionally escriptive words occur under circumstances of threat and lack of support. People who lack descriptive words for emotions tend to have higher levels of anxiety, depression and poor health. Emotional expression and expanding the vocabulary of emotionally descriptive words are core features of the BEST approach.

Life seems ok but something is missing?

Know the problem and steps to take but can’t change?

Have you been through psychotherapy before and want to go deeper?

Have you read the books, worked with a life coach, followed the steps, took the advice and still struggling?

Embracing Life with a Life Coach

Can you recall how you felt as child?  Remember the excitement, the curiosity and the delight in simple activities.  It was easy to cry, to laugh or even have a tantrum. You were connected to yourself and the present moment. Your feelings were immediate, spontaneous and available without having to think about it. Emotions served as a means of communication and evaluation of the environment.

Personal Growth Development

Utilizing body based exercises and experiences is a powerful effective method to discover and practice new ways of coping. These personal growth development exercises include but are not limited to:  mindfulness, energy work, breath work, eye exercises, bioenergtic exercises, visionary cranial sacral, intimate communication skills, imagery and dream work. The transformational process requires learning about how we exist in our bodies: posture, movement, cognition, breathing, emotions, energy, behavior patterns; and, the exploration of and opportunity to practice new ways of being embodied and in the world.

It is a step-by step precise method for loosening chronic tensions and developing a mindful connection to the embodied self.  Behavioral and physical holding patterns are addressed along with opening the breathing, emotional release, management and the mobilization of energy. This opens the possibility for expansion and accessing greater passion for life. Each meeting offers apersonal growth experience that provides a focus, goal, direction, or  technique to practice. Homework is suggested at the end of each session providing an opportunity to practice and learn more about what is experienced during the session. The first experience will leave you with a feeling of relief, calmness and more energy.

If you suffer from anxiety or stress, call the life coach Pamela Morgan to guide you through. 954.525.8088

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If you suffer from anxiety, stress, or grief — call life coach Pamela Morgan to guide you through. 954.525.8088 or send her a note and she’ll call you.